Tour du Jour Heeg

 Tour du Jour visits Wajer & Wajer Yachts in Heeg (NL)



Tour du Jour Stavoren

Today the M.Y. Independence isat the home base at Sturiër Yachts. Left at the picture Auke van der Werff (Owner of Sturiër Yachts) together with Ronald Teernstra. (more info

Tour du Jour Enkhuizen

Customer Jan Hekkert likes the sound of the generator on board of the M.Y. Independence.

Tour du Jour Zaandam

Bart Bleeker from Dekker Watersport in T-shirt with WP logo.Bart Bleeker from Dekker Watersport in T-shirt with WP logo.t Dekker Watersport, now with premium location in the shop of the orange products. German Bavaria 46ft. owner doing the HEAR Test. Very critical audiance. Choice will be the Piccolo!



Bart Bleeker from Dekker Watersport in T-shirt with WP logo.


Tour du Jour Heusden

Today in Heusden. Niels Gadella (right) and Niels Kooijman (middle) from Ship Install together with a customer on board of the M.Y. Independence.


Tour du Jour Bruinisse

Picture in the harbor of Bruinisse at Yachtservice Van Swaay.

Tour du Jour Middelburg

Today docked at Jos Boone Watersport in the historic city-centre of Middelburg were we welcomed a lot of enthusiastic visitors on board.

Tour du Jour Antwerp

Today we invited together with Dirk Verreet from Service Power a lot of customers on board of the M.Y. Independence at Museum 'aan de Stroom' in Antwerp.

Tour du Jour Maasbracht

Technicians Ceryll Beckers and Robert Beelen from Linssen Yachts B.V. on board of the M.Y. Independence during the Tour du Jour - impressive system!


Sturiër Club weekend

 Last weekend we enjoyed a nice sail to Texel with the Sturiër Club. 


MY Independence at Hiswa

 In the first week op September MY Indepence, with her new energy system was demonstation yacht for WhisperPower at the Amsterdam in-water-boatshow. 

Refit for MY Independence

Last winter MY Indepence has been refitted. A complete new WhisperPower energy system had been installed, new equipment on the bridge, new paint job and more. Beginning of June she was launched again.


Week 2-5/2010

 Winter conditions in The Netherlands. M.Y. Independence frozen in the IJsselmeer:


Week 49/2009

Published Article in Italian Magazine:

This is what the article basically is saying:

Sturier is destinated to people who are able to understand its higher quality and characteristics and are also able to use them on the sea, to sail on long distances in absolute safety and comfort. This is not about looking for speed, it's about looking for long ranges, silent sailing, high life quality on board and the possibility to face rough weather in a very relaxed mood.

Exceptional is in fact the silence on board, too bad we faced a calm sea on the day of the test because this boat deserved a more serious condition to show her capabilities. Stability is perfect on every situation, the dealer also showed us how, on a single engine, she needs only a bit of rudder to continue straight ahead with a limited loss of speed. Also maneuverability is great as she almost turns on the spot. Fuel consumption is very low, especially when compared to the huge consumptions of other boats on the market.

At the end a bit about steel construction.  

Week 42 - 46/2009


Travel Time: October 14 - November 24
Milage : 210 / km :1620
Number of Locks : 162
Altitude/ variations: from sea level to 300m plus
Navigation hours: 295
Fuel used: 1800 l
Water used (for consumption) : 1000 l
Number of generator running hours: 63 hour
Home many hours connected to shore power: 0
Technical issues: problems with dismantling of the port stabilisator
Costs to use the canals/ and harbour – mooring space expense
Vignet vnf 157 euro 31 euro harbourdues


After more than a year in the Med area, MY INDEPENDENCE will come back to the Netherlands. A new plan will be made for more trips and more exposure. Technical systems will be updated during Winter 2009/2010. We decided to navigate the yacht through the Canals and Rivers of France. In 2008, Van de Wetering Transportation Compaby carried the yacht safely and fast from Maasbracht to Marseille. We thought it might be a nice adventure to do the trip over water now. With a beamsize of 4.95 mtrs and a length of just under 17 mtrs, it is possible to make this trip. However, the mast had to be removed and 2,8 tons of water had to be brought on board to bring the level down to 3,50 meters. Below you see some pictures with a brief description of the 6 weeks journey.

After the last day of the Genua Boatshow, where Independence was used by Nautica Lessi as a demo, we (Skipper Piet Laffra and my wife Wil) set course to Marseille. Sea conditions were rough during the first days.

We decided to take away the stabilizers to prevent damage: the locks are 5,10 mtrs wide, so the yacht could just fit.

On the quai of Port Napoleon.

Dismantling of the Mast. No television or digital plotting any longer....

Ballast on Board: 1000 liters of mineral water........

Start of the Journey – stream-up the Rhone and almost no current, which is very exceptional on the Rhône.

Few locks in he Rhône, but a very high difference of altitude, varying from 12 till 25 meters.

Arrival in Lyon. A very pretty city with fantastic food and cosey brasseries!

This is the size of the 110 small locks to come: we have just a few cm’s of space at each side.

Very narrow bridges, INDEPENENCE just fits under.

Question here: will she fit under?

Holy......what a narrow tunnel, with a round shape, this is frightening, will she come through undamaged?

Wauw, but we have to come through.....

Scary moments inside the tunnel. Nerve-breaking moments, bow and aft props should not fail

Halfway the tunnel, we have some progress

We made it! And no damage

It is really worthwhile to make this trip, the landscape is gorgeous and the temperature is still OK

On the way to the Mosel, we have to keep on going for at least 10 locks before we arrive there

Late October but still nice weather

Another challenge in front of us

Canal de l’ Est, also called Canal des Vosges, in the East part of France

A good test for the skipper

Another just-just...

Total number of locks in the section of the Canal,92 with an average altitude of 3,50 m.

Even the searchlight had to be taken off

Quiet canals, no other traffic..

Elzas region with some nice villages

The water level was very low, it has been a dry autumn, after the canal has been completely dry during two months because of repairs.

Sunday = rest day

How narrow it was!

92 locks in this canal and a hundred kilometers, which took us 6 days

It is getting busier now...more boats.

An odd design trawler from Sweden..

The old fashioned way: the Raymarine Map system could not be used...

Another Sunday, time to clean the boat

Approaching the Mosel

And more yachts

Space again, wide water in front of us.

Heading to Koblenz, where we will start our journey on the Rhine

The Rhine, downstream, with an average speed of 11 knots at 1400 rpm

Via the IJssel back to the IJsselmeer

Back in Stavoren. During the last days we had some severe storms in the IJsselmeer area

Week 41/2009


MY INDEPENDENCE was launched late August 2008. The magnificent steel yacht (size 17 x 4.90 mtrs) was constructed with the purpose to become a showcase for the public, showing all new products and systems that make boating life, in any circumstance, more fun. 

After the Amsterdam Sea Port Boatshow in September 2008, the yacht was transported by specialist Van de Wetering to the South of France, to set course to Genua. The boat builder (de Volharding of Stavoren, the Netherlands) and it’s Italian agent have displayed the yacht during the Genua Boatshow (2x) and Cannes Boatshow. 

INDEPENDENCE in the Old harbour of Cannes, during the Boatshow.

In between, the yacht was chartered by various potential customers of the yard and the Italian agent, Nautica Lessi. All systems were severely tested, sometimes in rough circumstances. The Naiad zero speed stabilization system functioned extremely well, together with the main engines’ PTO or, at anchorage, in combination with the hydraulic power take off of the Whisper 25. During the summer the battery (1650 Ah) and inverter system (15 kVA) were tested under very hot circumstances: operating the 45,000 BTU air conditioning system during night time, just on the batteries, worked fine. Piet and Wil Lafra, since August responsible for the navigation, take the yacht over the Rhone and the various canals through the centre of France. 

After arrival back in the Netherlands, the various systems will be checked and updated where necessary. During Winter a new Hybrid type generator will be installed, replacing the 6 kVA night generator.

On photograph, from left to right: Wil Laffra, Piet Laffra, Roel ter Heide and Annemieke van der Luur, who is assisting Sturier Yachts during shows. 

Week 33 & 34/2009

Sicily back to Punta Ala: trial trip by Volharding customers.

Trip van Marsalie op Sicilië naar Punta Ala van 13 augustus 2009 t/m 18 augustus 2009.

Afstand: 410 Nm onder goede weersomstandigheden.

Bemanning: Jan Baak – Liesbeth Baak – Hans van Vegten – Lenie van Vegten.

Reisverslag van onze eerste ervaring met een Sturiër 555 van eigenaar Roel ter Heide.

Wij hebben een Sturier 520 OCL besteld bij werf De Volharding in Stavoren en aan de eigenaar, Auke van der Werff, de vraag voorgelegd, wanneer er een schip overgevaren moet worden wij ons hier graag voor aanbieden.

Wij zijn altijd zeilers geweest en willen toch, wanneer zich de mogelijkheid aandient, de nodige ervaring opdoen met het varen van een Sturier. Het duurde niet lang of wij werden gevraagd een Sturier 555 van Sicilië naar Punta Ala te varen. Een uitdagende onderneming die we natuurlijk heel graag wilde volbrengen. Samen met een vriend en zijn vrouw hebben we de uitnodiging aanvaard. Voordat we de organisatie gereed hadden zijn we op bezoek geweest bij de eigenaar van de Independence, de heer Roel ter Heide, die het schip als demonstratiejacht heeft gebouwd voor de technische spullen die hij ontwikkelt en produceert. Nadat alle zaken goed op een rijtje stonden zijn we naar Italië vertrokken.

Op zondag 7 augustus 2009 vertrokken per vliegtuig vanaf Dusseldorf naar Trapani op het eiland Sicilië waar ons overvaar avontuur zal beginnen.

Het is toch een aparte ervaring als je altijd hebt gezeild en dan nu een Sturiër 555 gaat varen over de Middellandse Zee vanaf Marsala naar Punta Ala. In de laatste tien jaar hebben we meestal op De Noordzee gezeild vanaf De Oostzee tot aan De Kanaaleilanden en Zuid Engeland. Ook de stad Londen hebben we aangedaan. Maar dit is de eerste maal op een motorboot en dat geeft toch een ander gevoel.

We hebben onze intrek genomen, nadat we een nogal rommelige Alfa Romeo hebben gehuurd op net vliegveld van Trapani, in een luxe hotel aan het plein midden in Trapani.

Maandag 10 augustus 2009
Die dag zijn we het eiland gaan verkennen en dachten we dat de Sturier 555, Independence, ergens in een haven in de buurt moest liggen. Dus wij erop uit en alle havens ontdekt die er maar te ontdekken waren maar geen Independence te vinden. Na diverse keren overleg met Pepe Lessi, de Italiaanse agent van Sturier, werd duidelijk dat de boot een proefvaart maakte met een klant.

Woensdag 12 augustus 2009
Zijn we van het hotel in Trapani verhuist naar een ander hotel in Marsala. Dit hotel ligt recht tegenover de haven alwaar de Independence wordt verwacht.

Donderdag 13 augustus 2009
Om 18.30 uur arriveerde de Independence uiteindelijk in de haven van Marsala.

Diezelfde avond hebben de heren al wat uitleg gekregen, de volgende ochtend zou de rest gebeuren. De laatste overnachting op land, in hotel New Palace tegenover de haven. Na een heerlijk diner bij het zwembad naar bed, allemaal wat onrustig geslapen, was het de wijn of toch de spanning.

Vrijdag 14 augustus 2009
Op zoek naar een supermarkt voor de foerage, wat zijn de mensen op Sicilië vriendelijk, niets is onmogelijk, met handen en voeten gevraagd of de boodschappen in de koelcel mochten, en dat was geen probleem, ze werden zelfs aan boord gebracht. De bagage in het hotel opgehaald, ook dat werd aan boord gebracht. Vier personen hebben wat nodig voor een geplande trip van ongeveer 450 nm. Maar we wisten ook niet waar nog meer konden foerageren dus inladen maar.

Zaterdag 15 augustus 2009
– Motoruren 339 en eerst de weerberichten opgevraagd. Valt niet mee in het Italiaans maar we komen er wel uit.

Om 7.30 vertrokken, wind 5-6, golven van ongeveer 1 meter, met goed zicht en afnemende wind aan het eind van de middag. Onderweg nog even een kleine lekkage verholpen. Het bleek nl. dat de afvoer van de condensor van de Airco verstopt is. Na een aantal minuten, dat voor het gevoel door de golfslag op z’n kop moesten gebeuren, was het euvel verholpen en hielden we binnen droge voeten. Een goede doop maar schip en bemanning gaan verder geweldig.

Om 16.30 uur voor de kust bij I di Usica geankerd op een diepte van 30 meter voor de kust. Aangezien het onze eerste Mediterraanse tocht was, werd er eerst gezoend en daarna gegeten en geborreld op een vlakke zee en zonnige omstandigheden. Heerlijk gegeten op ons eigen terras met een geweldig uitzicht, het ware “Zwitserleven gevoel”.

Zondag 16 augustus 2009
80 Nm afgelegd op zaterdag

Motoruren vertrek 348 uur

Vandaag een rustige maar lange warme dag.

Zelfs zo warm dat we in de gangboorden in de schaduw een groot deel van de dag hebben doorgebracht. Die dag hebben we, op een lege tanker na, geen andere scheepvaart gezien. Maar de Independence gaat onverstoorbaar door en maakt de zeemijlen zonder problemen. We gaan voor anker bij Isola di Capri voor de kust van Napels. Als je hier alle grote schepen rondom je heen ziet liggen dan heb je het gevoel dat dit toch wel een bekende ankerplaats is voor de rijke Italianen. Eén maal kwam een eigenaar terug met een helikopter. En maar denken wat is hij klein de Independence.

Maandag 17 augustus 2009
104 Nm afgelegd op zondag

Motoruren vertrek 361

Om 7.17 uur vertrokken, wat was het al warm. Rond 12.00 uur voeren we door een school dolfijnen, wat een grandioos gezicht. Halverwege de middag trok de wind aan tot 7 en uiteindelijk golven van 1.50 tot 2 meter recht op kop. Ook dit was voor schip en bemanning geen probleem.

In Anzio de haven in, en achteruit de box in, duurde wat langer dan normaal, maar eind goed al goed. Het is toch even wennen en zeker heel anders manoeuvreren met een schip van 17 meter en de wind dwars op het schip. Daar was de havenmeester: 170,-- euro graag. Jan zei, ik blijf maar 1 nacht hoor, niet de hele week! Besloten om de volgende dag direct naar Punta Ala te varen.

Dinsdag 18 augustus 2009
105 Nm afgelegd op maandag

Motoruren 374
Om 6.00 uur vertrokken met rustig weer, in de middag trok de wind weer tot 6 Bf aan, maar daar trokken we ons niets meer van aan. De zon was erbij en de golven waren minder steil als de dag ervoor. Om 20.00 uur arriveerde we bij de haven van Punta Ala. Tussen 2 boten achteruit de box in, mijn timmermansoog zei dat gaat niet passen, maar de kapitein meerde in 1 keer heel rustig af.

Motoruren 391 en die dag 120 nm afgelegd.
Totaal hebben we de trip in 4 dagen gedaan en hierbij ruim 400 Nm afgelegd onder goede omstandigheden. Eén dag, in de middag, zijn de windomstandigheden ons wat minder gunstig geweest. Bemanning en schip hebben zich goedgehouden al dachten we wel eens dat we door het buiswater wel eens geheel in de golven verdwenen.
Maar het is een zeer zeewaardig schip, dat mede door de zijstabilisatoren, onder alle omstandigheden volledig betrouwbaar door blijft varen.

Voor ons was deze trip er één waar we veel van geleerd en ervaring hebben opgedaan.
Naar de boot “in de maak”, kijken we nu nog meer uit.

Week 32 & 33/2009

Sicily trip; story coming up!

Week 29 & 30/2009


Nautica Lessi succeeded to obtain a charter contract with a private person from Sicily, who wants to buy a Sturier yacht. It was agreed with him to use the boat in Sicily for a week, with the thought in mind that this could speed up the decision process of the customer to order the yacht from the Volharding. This two- weeks journey should take place early August, reason why the boat was tested during some long distance cruising. Again we found some technical issues which were solved during the trip, which included a sudden stop of the stabilisation system (caused by a loose 24 V contact, which was repaired very promptly by the Naiad importer for Italy, SAMOS located in Genua), a sudden stop of the INDEL fridge/ freezer (which was replaced entirely by Indel Italia) and some more small misery.

INDEPENDENCE moored in San Vicenza, mainland Toscany. A very nice village with lot’s of shopping and dining & wining facility.

Porto Vechio, is a very pretty place, the Vieux port is small, when you are lucky you can obtain a place for the night.

Coast line from Bastia to Porto Vechio is almost 110 km. This South-Corsican village is very nice. The marina is very small, but anchorage is easy and safe

From Corsica to Sardinia through the Bocho di Bonifacio, a fascinating navigation area, but you have the take care: rough seas and plenty rocks around

INDEPENDENCE in Porto Cervo, an area created by Aga Khan. Only for the rich and beautiful, for INDEPENDENCE a mooring in the “Vieux” port will cost 480 EUR. Here moored at a bouy, for 175 EUR per night, but with first sight on the mega yachts entering the harbour.

Sardinia has no restrictions any longer for yachts, visiting the area. Bays are full of mega yachts from 40 – 140 meters.

On transit in Porto Azzurro, during these days it is impossible to find place at a pontoon, but anchorage is easy. Many boats do the same. Great spot!

Week 30/2009

Picture of M/Y “Christine O” , the legendary yacht of Aristotelis Onassis, famous because of the various trips he made with Jacky Kennedy, later mrs Onassis.
The vessel, originally built in 1943 as a Canadian convoy escort, was converted into a first class charter yacht, with space for 36 guests and 34 crew.
Length of the yacht: 110 mtrs. 

Week 25/2009


We had made plans to spend some time on board with a some of the WhisperPower employees already late 2008. Other Partners of the Project have been invited to use the vessel for dealer meetings, technical sessions with R&D engineers or customers. Due to the pressure in the market as a consequence of the banking crisis, no bookings were made so far. With a team of five WhisperPower employees and our main Benelux agent we spend 4 days on board to do some maintenance work, refresh the oil of all engines and gears on board and brainstorm how to create the next generation of power generation systems (the generators and controls are manufactured by WhisperPower, located in Drachten. We had a very productive time

Weather had become a lot warmer, so the air-conditioning system from Webasto could be tested severely now. We had experienced already some small issues (the exit of the drip pan of the condenser was blocked and caused some flooding), during the trip it appeared one compressor of the 50,000 BTU dual system did not keep pressure. With good help of Webasto Holland and we were able to let the system operate on one compressor. Later that summer it became clear the aulty compressor could not be repaired – Webasto Italia replaced the whole unit in a smooth and professional way late July.

During this cruise, we were very lucky to be moored on time in the commercial harbour of Portefereaio: in the night of 21 June, an sudden storm (kind of cyclone) has hit Elba severely. Wind speeds of 75 Kn were measured!!! Hundreds of yachts drifted from their anchors, several large yachts stranded on the rocks. The storm was predicted to hit the land during the Sunday, but came much earlier. Duration was just one hour, sufficient to destroy complete forests.

INDEPENDENCE for anchorage in a bay close to Porto Azzurro

INDEPENDENCE moored in the Port of Porteferraio; we arrived late Saturday evening from the south side of the Island, with the purpose to find a safe haven in case of a storm. This spot was illegal (meant for mega yachts) but we were very lucky to make the decision to just take this place: we remained undamaged during the storm.

21 June, between 2.30 and 3.30 a cyclone type hurricane hit the island of ELBA, destroying houses, forests and drifting many boats from their an chores. At picture a 20 meter two-mast sailing yacht on the beach, close to Porteferraio.

Forests at Elba were partially destroyed by the storm.

We were advised by the authorities not to leave the harbour on Sunday 21 as a precaution against the high seas: waves were still up to three meters high.

As we had to go back to Holland, we decided to leave the harbour late Sunday afternoon. We had a rough sea, but INDEPENDENCE did great: smooth, stabile, waves were broken by the bow, this A-class yacht can stand severe ocean storms. Naiad stabilizers made the ride comfortable.

Dolphins! During the trip back from Elba to Punta Ala we were accompanied by some Dolphins. How fast and cute they are! 

Week 20/2009

After fixing the electronical part of the 25 kVA generator, fixing some problems with the black water tank and refuelling the vessel, another trip was made with 9 people on board: a good test of the technical outfit. INDEPENDENCE is equipped with 2 cabins: one owners cabin with twin bed and one guest cabin with twin bed (plus shower). Italians always want 3 cabins, to secure sleeping facility for at least 3 couples (or 2 parents and 4 kids), which will reduce the kitchen/ below seating area substantially. As Italians use their boats in general for short trips, during sunny and warm days, they spend most of their time outside. In Northern countries the interior space is more important, as fewer sunny and warm days may expected. These versions are more like “ house” configurations. 

INDEPENDENCE offer some flexibility in space: the sofa in the kitchen area can be converted into a single bed, same is valid or the sofa in the deck saloon. In this part another twin bed can be arranged by using air beds.

Interior picture of M.Y. Independence

The trip with the nine persons went to Elba. We started the trip with pretty high seas, on force 5 westerly winds. With the waves coming from the side, INDEPENDENCE is stabile as well due to the Naiad system.

Elba is a beautiful island, good for a week trip with some excursions (by 100 cc motorcycle, we can recommend) to the beautiful inland. A visit to the house of Napoleon close to Portoferraio should be part of the itinerary...

House of Napoleon 

A statue of Napoleon can be found in the back garden. He spend almost 10 years of his life at ELBA.

View from the villa eastwards, over the Portoferraio port area

During 4 days the sanitary systems were used intense, including the toilet systems, which happened to be sensitive (too much toilet paper used etc) and could not cope with the “ supply side”. The 1500 litre water tank needed a refill every 48 hours: the watermaker was still not operational, so we had to get water at the pontoons. Weather during the trip was gorgeous, all passengers had a fantastic time. Water was just warm enough to do some swimming, trips they made at Elba were fascinating!

Trip summary: Starting in Scarlino (Etrusca marina), Porto Azzurro, Marina di Campo, PortoFerrairro, Cavo and back to Scarlino. Flying A dam - Pisa, 1Hr 20 Minutes trip to Scarlino, departure Thursday evening18 hrs, return Sunday 13 hrs. 

Week 18 & 19/2009

The winter in Northern Italy lasted long this year. In fact, spring started much earlier in the Northern part of Europe, with plenty pleasant days. During Easter for example, many boats were already in the water in the Netherlands, making their first journeys. In Italy, the boat season starts 1 May, which is also a public holiday. This day, boat owners have to sign their mooring contracts for the coming summer season. Mooring prices for a 17 meter yacht will peak to 150 EUR/ night in August (Punta Ala), in some places this can exceed 200 EUR/ night.


In April we have prepared INDEPENDENCE for the next season. Most systems worked fine, we had to work hard to clean spots with some corrosion. Nautica Lessi had request for charter during the summer months, (the yacht was booked for a weekend by a famous Italian actor) while some trial trips to test the boat were planned for May and June.
The first trip started 29 april, a round trip Punta Ala – Porto Ercole – Cala Calaera – Isola Granutti (one night on anchorage) – Isola Giglio (no place in Harbour) – Porto Stefano – Porto Azzurro at Elba - Punta Ala, and ended 4 May. The sea was very rough during some very brief storms, but INDEPENDENCE did well thanks to the stabilizers. One night, a storm caused high seas which broke the main rope.

North coast of the peninsula..........St Stefano is a commercial Port with many fishing boats. Even early May it is difficult to find a good mooring spot. The yacht stayed one night in Cala Calaera, which is a large marina with all technical and supply facilities needed. Nice area.

White Elephant

Close to Porto Ercole, which is a very pittoresque village with very limited mooring facility, the White Elephant, a villa previously owned by the Royal Family (Prins Bernard van Oranje), is still there. One of the few villa’s with access to the sea. 

Porto Azzurro

Porto Azzurro is located in the South East of Elba. A very attractive, small little village, with plenty of space for yachts during this part of the year. In case the pontoons are full, the bay is offering a good alternative to moor.


The 25 kVA generator could not be used during this trip due to a malfunction of the electronic control part. (DDC), but the 6 kVA Whisper together with the engine operated 24 V 110 A alternator were sufficient to power up the various appliances and re-charge the battery. Shore power was used just 50% of the time. The air-conditioning system was only used during the night in the owners cabin.(ambient temperatures were modest) The system worked entirely through the inverter on the battery (1650 Ah/ 24 V), with a discharge from 90 % of full capacity to 45% within 10 hours. Only ONE alternator is fitted to one engine, a second one will be fitted during the next winter: the systems (Raymarine screens, radar, auto pilot, fridge/ freezers, air systems) are consuming between 40-80 amps (1 tot 2 kW) during navigation, so the charging capacity with 1 alternator is too limited.

Generator Ultra 25 kVA

YOU CAN’T DO WITHOUT IT! INDEPENDENCE is equipped with a special ZERO SPEED stabilization systems, taking care of “ comfort” during navigation but also on anchorage. For this purpose, the “ wings” which are installed in the hull, are larger: 1. 20 mtrs long, while the standard wings for such boats are 80 cm long. This makes the yacht extremely stable during rough seas. In the Med, weather conditions can vary by the hour. A storm can take off within some minutes. For this reason, yachtsmen in this area stay close to the coast. With INDEPENDENCE long journeys, through rough area’s, can be made without a problem.
The ZERO SPEED ANCHORAGE system can be activated below 3.5 Kn: it is a very useful add-on as we have experienced. It is often difficult to find (affordable) mooring space in marina s during the summer so you have to stay outside.


Raymarine scherm

Together with the Vetus Deutz propulsion system, the Naiad stabilisation system and the Mastervolt/ WhisperPower generator/ power system, the Raymarine system is another indispensible items on board. We installed one of the larger systems with BIG screens, the G series with 15 inch screens and powerful GPM 400 G microprocessor: what a joy it gives to work with this system, with a superior chart plotter, eventually combined with the autopilot, the simple to operate radar, the useful AIS system, and all other useful ST instruments. How did people navigate their boats in the past? Navigation for dummies, offered by Raymarine. 

Week 43/2008 - Week 18/2009

MY INDEPENDENCE has overwintered in the Marina of Punta Ala.
In November and early 2009, Nautica Lessi, who is taking care of the yacht, has used the yacht for sea trials with potential customers (see blog, looking for a new boat. We have also welcomed some dealers who were interested to look at the technical systems on board. In the period from November to April there is little to do in this part of Italy. Winters are grey and dark, with frequent storms. The salt water influence for boats staying in the water (most boats do) are minor as long as the yachts have been prepared in a good manor. Mooring costs during this part of the year is relatively modest (600 EUR/ month).

Picture of the boat, Marina Punta Ala 

History 2008

Read here all about the demonstration yacht.

Participants My Independece