Propulsion system

2x  Vetus/Deutz DTA66 210 pk, 24 V 1P diesels, gearbox ZF 63 V 2,48:1. Engines equipped with PTO’s – A BS   1628 SAE – B as 13 tands 16/32 dp DT (A) 43/64. Pump HT 1015E62 – LS, 62 cc, SAE-B, spline as 13 t. The engines are fitted with 2 x 24 V 45 A alternators. A 24 VDC/110 A Mastervolt hi-output alternator with Alpha Pro three step regulator will be fitted to charge the service battery with substantial current during navigation hours.

Engines will be operated by MORSE electronic controls

2x  “whispering” four blade propellors, manganese/ bronze, take care of the propulsion

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